About Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses – beginnings

bride dressesWedding dresses have existed for thousands of years. The white bridal dress appeared about 2000 years ago, when the brides in ancient Egypt wore several rows of drapes made of simple materials. White was the color of celebration in Greece, so the bride chose the white dress at the wedding as a symbol of joy.

At the Roman weddings, the brides dressed in simple, white, soft, soft materials, giving tribute to Hymen, the god of fertility and marriage, which was thought to love the white color in particular. What is special to the brides of both Roman and Greek times is that the girls were covered with colored veils as a sign of obedience and devotion to the future husband.

In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, one of the earliest official documents recalling the wedding of Anne of Brittany’s white wedding dressed in his marriage to King Louis XII of France. Margaret Tudor, the daughter of Henry VI, married dressed in a red damasc dress with red-scarlet – the traditional color of the royal families. In 1612 Princess Elizabeth, daughter of James I, wore a silver dress embroidered with pearls, silver and precious stones.

Wedding Dresses – Evolution

From the eighteenth century until the mid-nineteenth century, the wedding arrangement became much richer and more complicated, the brides belonging to the royal houses were choosing expensive materials, their favorite colors being silver in red. Victoria I of the United Kingdom wore, at her wedding in 1840, a white satin dress adorned with orange blossoms and delicate lace, this dress being a model for future generations.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, wedding dresses were related to the Victorian style of the white bridal dress with long sleeves, a long veil from head to toe and a tall collar that completely wore the neck. For the first time, creators and clothing makers make small series of “ready” dresses for brides.

Types of bridal dresses

Wedding dresses are of several types depending on the model:

– Princess bride dress – With corset and very bulky in the lower part
– Bridal dress siren – Following the line of the body to the top to the knee after which it gets flawed
– Wedding dress with train – Dress that ends with a train
– Dress baby doll bride – dressed up under the breasts, and then wide
– dress of the bride empire – is a type of royal dress, as her name says, with a large waist like baby doll just below her breasts. The skirt is fluid and immediately drops straight, not too wide but light, not striking the waist in any way.
– bride dress A – the top of the dress follows the line of the body, and the bottom has the shape of line A.